Rugby Fives

Rugby Fives was historically a public school sport but our very own Wayne Enstone was the first non public school player to win the national singles championship and has dominated the sport for many years. Reputed to be the greatest ever Rugby Fives player, read more about him here.

Fred Beswick proudly became President of the Rugby Fives Association from 1987  to 1989, becoming the first Manchester YMCA club member to be awarded this position. A member of Manchester YMCA for an incredible 68 years here Wayne Enstone tells his story.

Claire Knowles started playing Rugby Fives in 1999 at the Y Club and has dominated the Ladies British Open Competition ever since. She puts her success down to having to play mainly men at the Manchester YMCA, who were not best pleased when she started to beat them as well. Read more about her success here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Rugby Fives, visit the Rugby Fives Association website.